Guidelines For Guest Post

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to This Blog. If you would like to share any healthy, inspiring and uplifting story of your life, we would love to hear from you. Append below please find our guidelines for your reference and action.

Rationales For Writing To This Blog?

  • Gain exposure. Your post will be promoted to our readers via RSS/ email, Facebook friends and other media online we engage from time to time. The Blog receives wide range of readers throughout the globe.
  • Interact with like-minded people. The Blog serves as a platform for readers to interact and share new articles with their network by leaving their comments.
  • Be in good company with current contributors, past and present collaborators
  • Update your profile. If you would like to update your profile in the future just drop me a quick email and I’ll be happy to change it for you.


  • Make it personal. Please include a personal experience in your post, if applicable apart from theory. 
  • Length does not matter. I am not a word counter, so it does not matter to me even it takes more than 5,000 words to tell your story.
  • Include a profile, if available. Kindly include a short brief of your profile, you may add up to maximum of 5 links that will appear at the bottom of the post.
  • Self promotion post. If you are looking to promote your product or service, please link these in your profile rather than within the post. We are fine if you are keen to link to the relevant articles either on The Blog or other blogs within your post.

Pointers to Note

  • If you have a suggestion of any particular image, please let us know. Most of the images I choose come from Flickr. When suggesting an image please ensure it is Creative Commons-licensed and can be used commercially.
  • Your post may be edited, if necessary. We normally leave the posts untouched, but in rare cases we may edit things such as the title, grammar, format, etc.
  • Compilation e-books. We may showcase your story in a future e-book (free or premium), in any case we will include the link to your site.
  • Do not bother with the version when emailing me your submission
  • Please allow up to a week or two for a response. I intend to read and reply to every guest post submission, but in case I miss your email because it went into my spam folder or I deleted it by accident or for whatsoever reason, please feel free to send me a follow up email should you don't hear back from me in two weeks times. Thanks. 

Some of Our Recommendations/Suggestions

  • A relevant and insightful quote at the beginning of a story is a great way not only to grab attention, but also help you in promotion on the social media networks.
  • A question at the end of your story is a great way to encourage readers' comments.
  • Quickly and swiftly respond to comments on your article is strongly encouraged. Currently I publish posts  regularly. However, If you have any request, please let me know.
  • Kindly promote and share your story within your network !
Please keep in touch by emailing me at with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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