JAMES OH had served as Financial Controller of several companies
inclusive of publicly listed companies, both in Malaysia and
Singapore. He has diverse exposure and experience in Accounting,
Finance, Treasury,  Secretarial, Legal, Audit and Corporate

He is an avid reader of Bible, Management, Economics, History,
Finance, Law and Political books. He has strong will, commitment and
dedication in expanding his dimension and perspective to achieve his
wholesome life. This makes him a unique, special person who is able to
walk his talks. He has a remarkable ability to relate and connect real
life experience, stories, examples, and concrete practical ideas that
deliver instant results which can convince the audience's hearts. He
intends to become one of the leading authorities on the development of
human potential, personal effectiveness and efficiency by sharing his
path of journey. He is an energised person with a wonderful ability to
inspire readers of his blogs toward peak performance and high levels
of achievement.

He is currently working in various capacities such as Freelance
Accountant, Entrepreneur, Trainer and Author.

He obtained a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) degree from the University of
London in 2003 and a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.) degree from the
National University of Malaysia in 1987. He became a registered
professional Accountant in 1991 and was accepted as a Full Member of
Singapore Institute of Directors in 2008, Certified Professional
Trainer in 2011 and a Competent Communicator with Toastmasters
International Club in 2012.

He found treasure in his darken day when he lost his purpose in life
and passion in his profession. James found an inner strength that
enables him to comfort, convince and influence those around him. James
turned the weakness into opportunity again to be a difference maker so
as to expand into another dimension of its kind in freedom, healing
and joy.

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