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A pleasing relationship between spirituality and psychology
The human psyche needs to understand our life in terms of the meaning of our existence. We try to define ourselves and what we are about in simple, understandable terms and definitions. We experience things and we develop language to label them. We also try to understand the world around us in psychological terms so that we can define our existence in the world. Psychology is the study of mind and how it functions or does not function. We use psychology to describe human behaviors and to explain what happens when the human mind deviates from the expected path. Strictly speaking, psychology works against spirituality because the former explains human behavior, whereas spirituality does not. People have realized the importance of psychology, but the relevance of spirituality was often underestimated.
Spirituality was often associated with God. It was linked to the concept of a higher being- God or the divine. It should not be restricted to God alone since people can respect many other aspects in life and look at them with reverence. An individual’s family, conduct, relationships, art, work, and values in life can take a high pedestal. Good spiritual health has good impacts on human health, whereas spiritual conflicts and struggles are said to decline mental and physical health. They also increase the risk of early death. Therefore, a pleasing relationship between spirituality and psychology is necessary for an individual’s perfect health.
Holistic health comprises the health of the mind, body and soul. Spiritual health refers to one’s religious values or a system of belief which positively contributes to the life of an individual. Spirituality is viewed differently by different people. It has many view points. It, ideally, offers a perspective of life and meaning based on some human tradition. Those traditions are considered holy by its followers. A healthy spirituality teaches us to live in the present and accept what we are and where we are. Individuals with strong religious faith are said to have higher life satisfaction, greater personal happiness, and fewer negative psychological traumatic life events. Therefore, strong religious beliefs enhance the quality of life.  
We know from the study of psychology that we carry less stress and negative energy if we show healthy expressions. A fully spiritual being is said to have access to the entire range of human feelings. Persons who can release the energies of emotional expression carry less stress and live longer. These facts have been proven by psychological studies. Spirituality gives us a viewpoint of life and certain beliefs which we respect and follow religiously. Psychology tells us how our mind functions and if it deviates from the normal path it is an indication that we need to quickly set it right.
A good sense of attitude towards life, habits, norms and beliefs will make an individual highly responsible and empathetic. Such a spiritual person will not disrupt the smooth functioning of society by any means. Commendable behavior patterns are seen in mentally stable and strong people. Therefore, people should effectively combine spirituality and psychology and implement those beliefs in their day-to-day life.
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