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                                                      Mr. Yap Yong Heng

Now, let us get onto the interview.

James: When did you know you have turned into a" beautiful butterfly”?

In the year 2005, when God healed my cancer.

James: When did you first discover that you have colon cancer?

In year 2005

James: How did you feel thereafter

I thought my life was going to end. I wonder where I will go if I die because I was not a good Christian. I was so worried that I could not go to heaven. I started to pray. I said to God:"Father, I understand I am not perfect and I did a lot of mistakes in my life. Father please forgive me and if You grant me another chance, I will do it right"

James: What is your favorite thing in life

My favorite thing in life is to worship God

James: Tell us more about how you overcome this challenge

Thank God. He was with me during my hard times. I knew that I can't overcome the challenge myself. I surrender every area of my life to God. I knew God will make a way for me. God taught me a lesson. Change yourself if you can't change the situation. I am facing challenges everyday with no fear now. I am able to overcome any challenges with the strength from God.

James: Wow! This story sounds really inspiring and uplifting. Are you planning on writing into a book in the years to come? 

Yes...I wish I can but I am not good in writing books

James: So far what is your worst criticism/attacks, and how have you overcome it? 

In life there are always critics and naysayers, but I will think of them as sandpaper, they scratch and hurt me. In the end I am Polished and they are all used up. This is how I overcome all the critics and attacks.

James: What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?

I have nothing to be proud of. All I have today is the grace from God.

James: What does your life look like after you have such a breakthrough result

I am having real peace and happiness life now. I live for God.

James: Tell us your guiding principle that governs your life 

The word of God would be my guide. As I soak in the wisdom of God's word and apply it, I can know true success by His hand. 

James: How have you cultivated these values? 

Be humble and make God the center of my life. 

James: Do you have any advice for people looking to achieve their goal

I am not in the position to advise people. I just want to share with people that they should turn to God while they still have time. You find God, and then you will have everything in your life. 

Thanks for Heng’s effort and time to attend this interview and let us pray for him that God continue to keep and sustain him. Amen.

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