Monday, January 28, 2013


What is the difference between judging and noticing? 

Noticing someone's behavior for example, is very different from judging it. Noticing is 

seeing what is there exactly for what it is, while judging is seeing what is there and adding 

your own baggage to it. 

There sure are many people in this world, some are denser, some are lighter. Some we 

may even enjoy more than others. But as much as we think our judgments are righteous 

and represent what/who is out there, the bitterness we feel is all ours. It drains the energy 

of no one else but the one holding on to it.

Noticing, however, does not dim the light that we are. It does not pull us away from inner-

peace. It does not make us 'hate' or feel separate from any other being, even if their actions 

or words reflect a very dense state of consciousness. Sure, we can still notice those who 

play with dishonesty, those who pretend, or those who live unconsciously. 

But instead of densifying our vibrational state to the one of hatred or bitterness, we remain 

in full clarity and peace. If we can, we might even think of assisting them with love. 

However, judging will no longer make sense because when we are in our natural state, we 

know that judgment is simply an illusion within the dream of separation.

We are all One.

Noticing is all about accepting where the other is at, while knowing that the role they play is 

simply a soul in disguise. It is all about accepting whatever challenge we are facing, while 

knowing that the role it plays is simply a lesson is disguise.

When we no longer attach and hold on to the external world, we are then able to see it 

exactly for what it is: a playground for souls to evolve through a human experience.

As of now, we have become so lost in the dream of separation, judgment, blame, hatred 

and fear, that we are all choosing to step out the game and create something new. Hence 

why life is currently offering us all experiences that will assist us in bringing up old 

emotional baggages and belief systems to the surface so we can let go of them and be free. 

This applies to us on an individual level as well as humanity at large.

"Growth isn't about learning to avoid fiery situations or people carrying matches... It is 

about learning to get rid of the gasoline we carry within ourselves." - Franco DeNicola


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