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All these years  throughout my life..
The ups and the downs from day one of my birth to date...

The pains and responsibilities I need to shoulder have good reason..
and not coincidental at all..

Because the latter had been deleted from my dictionary after I accepted Jesus as my Lord.. 
And I known that I was never really alone..

God was with me even I had fallen to the rock bottom,
so that I know that he is the Rock.

He was and He still is.
Because he is the one who always kept His covenants.

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 This is great!!!!   Just click on your favorite song, and enjoy the season.

 Merry Christmas! 

A Fabulous 50s
Christmas Songs
Away In A Manger
Loretta Lynn
Christmas Alphabet
The McGuire Sisters
Christmas Country Christmas
The Statler Brothers
Christmas Song
Alvin & The Chipmunks
Christmas Times A Coming
Bill Monroe
And The Bluegrass Boys
Christmas Waltz
Frank Sinatra
Christmas Without You
Kenny Rogers
Dolly Parton
Its Beginning To Look
A Lot Like Christmas

Bing Crosby &
The Andrew Sisters
Jingle Bell Rock
Bobby Helms
Jingle Bells
Roy Rogers
Most Interesting Middle!
Jingle Bells
Perry Como
Jingle Bells
The Jingle Bell Piggie
Joy To The World
Nat King Cole
Let It Snow
Andy Williams
Little Drummer Boy
Neil Diamond
O Christmas Tree
Nat King Cole
Please Come Home
The Platters
Pretty Paper
Roy Orbison

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May you & your family have a
(or holiday)

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Sunday, December 16, 2012



How many of you agree that we should do what matters most Now? ask ourselves sincerely whether we really do it or not. Congratulations to those who have done that. For those who have not, tonight is your answer.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am honoured to be here to tell you 3 stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories.

The first story is about CONNECTING THE DOTS.

I am so blessed because I inherited natural wealth talents, wild imagination and weak health. I was born underweight, at only 4 Ibs 4 ozs in 1960 and both my parents were very concerned that I would not be able to survive long. I had been frequently saddled with sickness in my early life. Today, I consider this weak health a blessing because it shapes me to be better, stronger, sweeter and not bitter. 

My talent of playing chess and was spotted by my primary school teacher, who had subsequently coached me to be my school's Captain. I represented my school in both team and individual events in the Penang State Chess Competition under 12 category in 1973. 

Due to some unpleasant events, I performed far below to my school's trainer's expectation. I did not even enter the Quarter Final Individual event despite my perfect score in the team event. Since then, I had stopped playing chess and pursue my other dreams.

I then learned from those kind souls and friends that I could overcome my physical weakness through my mental strength. Thereafter, I consistently spent my time, effort and money in upgrading my knowledge, skill and mindset in my early life to overcome many of my challenges during my life’s journey.

Some of my childhood's heroes such as Confucius, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus and many others, had transformed and impacted my life significantly.

I am very grateful to them for helping me to acquire not only better health, but also much stronger mindset which helped me to overcome many adversities through out my life. I also managed doing thing more effectively and efficiently in order to cope well with my study while I was engaged with my other part time work. 

These good habits and attitudes enable me to obtain several academic qualifications  prior to the completion of my first Bachelor of Accounting degree such as London Chamber of Commerce Intermediate Book-keeping, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Higher Accounting and English 1119.

By applying my knowledge, skill and strategies to grow a company from a newly set up private company to a publicly listed company and promoted as Financial Controller of the company.  

I must admit that Practice does not make Perfect but Practice makesPermanent Progress.

My second story is about my gain and loss

In 2000, after my team and I managed to turnaround the company with Knowing-doing Gap strategies and I have fulfilled all of my dreams at that time. I then lost sense of purpose in my life coupled with my helplessness to defend the loss of my still born child. That's subsequently led me to lose my passion in my profession.

Would you agree that your beliefs determine your actions?

Knowing that I was dying inside and my spirit was literally drying up. So, I embarked to pursue my second Law degree, soul searching journey that led me to accept Lord to be my Lord.

I vowed if I ever got out of this mess, I will help others learn lessons that might improve their lives.  

During this time, I have unlearned what I have learned and relearned what is unlimited belief. 

My third story is about my purposeful life
In 2008, I simply quit my overseas job shortly after I obtained my Permanent Resident. What at the time appeared as a bold and irresponsible decision, would soon open doors that would enable me to discover the "Missing Link" in my own life. 

That freed me to enter into one of the most creative and bold periods of my life. Guess what? I WAS venturing into wealth coaching PROGRAM and social media at my late 40 and again many were surprise, even amongst my friends.

I then discovered my larger purpose of helping people to live life in more fulfilling roles. I do by repaying back those kind souls and people who have touched my life.

I like to conclude my speech with the following:-

Life is short! 
Whatever you want to do, do it now.
Whatever you want to be, be that now.
Whatever you want to have, go for it now!
When it comes to the important things in life, don't wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow may not come. (Page 67 Speedwealth by T. Harv Eker)


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In a world that seems to accept wrongdoing as the way of living, 
Christians must be resistant to this way of life. Some of the 
wrongdoing that troubles our world today transpires over the internet: pornography, gossip, identity theft, money scams, and so on.

The concern here is online dating. It’s an internet activity that 
brings people together. Some people find love; others get scammed out of money. There have even been situations where people were murdered after meeting their online date in person.
In other words, like anything else, online dating can have its problems. So, should Christians engage in it?

The Answer is in The Spiritual Voice

We must follow God’s plan for our lives. Otherwise we won’t find our true purpose for life; we won’t even be happy. So, to answer the question of whether or not Christians should engage in online dating – it depends.

If the Holy Spirit is telling you to engage in it, then follow the Spirit. The path is already set for you and your soul mate to find each other through this method. You’ll even be guided as to which website you should join since there are several.

Please note that if you feel led to join an online dating site that connects people for sexual purposes only, this isn’t God’s intention. God is about love, not one night stands. So make sure you’re being guided by God and not desperation or lust.

On the other hand, if you don’t hear or have a spiritual intuition to set up membership at a decent online dating website such as a Christian dating site, then follow your instinct. Doing so will never lead you in the wrong direction. It’s just happen that God could have for you to meet your soul mate another way.


So online dating for Christians … yes or no? Just wait and listen patiently for God’s wise, whispery voice and you’ll have your answer.

About the writer
Pamela “Penlady” Jones is the author of “Virtual Love: Everything You Need to Know About Online Dating.” This eBook covers Christian online dating. It’s available via the Amazon Kindle Lending Library

To read about our interview with the above author, please click the link below:-



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