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I am enclosing a brochure of chaplaincy training that Global Mosaic Malaysia is bringing to KL mid-September. God has been impressing this on Dr. Evelyn Biles for a number of years and I just wish I could share how He's made it all come about for this year. It is clearly His doing.

This training is targeted for the small to mid-sized churches who have the need for pastoral and spiritual support in visiting the sick or homebound in hospitals, homes, at wakes and funerals, during crises, times of grieving and mourning (however long), and other times when solace and support is needed. Most pastors of small churches are overwhelmed with meeting the needs of the growing congregations and could use help with comforting and supporting individuals and families.

This training is biblical-based, along the principles of the Clinical Pastoral Education stemming from Christ's call to be His hands, His feet, and His mouth, and to bring comfort and spiritual guidance.

Two caring couples, local and international, have invested funds to sponsor some who cannot afford the whole cost of the training. We are also open to helping those who are not local to get here.

I am asking for your help. I would like to get this information out to small churches in your area (whether in the city or outside) who could not otherwise afford to send people to this training. If they can identify one or two (or perhaps a married couple) and contact us via the person and email on the brochure, we can apply for those funds on their behalf.

Please let us know by leaving your email below if you are keen. Alternatively, you may write to us at and we will send you the brochures.
 Prayerfully continuing to trust God in this endeavor,


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