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Dear Readers and visitors,
One good news that we need to share with you is on the promises of our Almighty and Loving God. He is a Sovereign God and yet had upheld every promise made since day one till today.

He is the God who loves each and every creation of His, particularly human beings, which were created out of His own image. God so loves the world that He send His only Son to redeem our sins.

From the above actions, they demonstrate well that God wants our passion for the supernatural part of Him that lives in us to grow to maturity for our good. Therefore, we must acknowledge His love and His best wishes for us. We can only reach His dream through our faith in Him, which serves as the bridge that will take us to the destiny. He destined those who believe in Him and even  is ever willing to guide and coach us to achieve it, out of His grace provided you are willing to abide to Him. As such, it is crucial important to believe the promises of God - no matter how unbelievable they appear - and you will eventually see evidence of what before, you could only imagine. This is what the faith is all about.

Faith is just like any skill which you need to exercise in order to strengthen and sharpen it. The challenges that are faced in our lives are meant to strengthen us, a similar process you have to go through so as to be a skillful sailor, where he needs to encounter storms and other challenges to sharpen his skill. So, remember that whenever you are faced with challenges, please do not be afraid, but rely on Him and let Him guide you to overcome it, so that you could gain maturity. Be mindful that I can do everything through Christ who strengthen me. Phil 4:13.

Let us together pray in His wonderful name that He uphold us every moment of our lives. Amen.
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Real Giants in Greece (發現巨人骸骨)
The giants mentioned in the Bible have been discovered in Greece. These astounding photos are from a recent archaeological discovery in Greece ; This totally unexpected find furnishes proof of the existence of "Nephilim". Nephilim is the word used to describe the giants spoken of in biblical times by Enoch as well as the giant David fought against (Goliath). Note the incredible size of the skull...

Gen 6
There were giants on earth in those days
; Num 13:33
And there we saw the giants
, the sons of Anak,
which come of the giants
: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

Just to show that the Bible is true with history lessons that are applicable both then and today and it is not just a spiritual book
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Just 3 Words
Three things
in life that, once gone, never come back -
1. Time
2. Words
3. Opportunity
Three things in life that can destroy a person -
1. Anger
2. Pride
3. Unforgiveness
Three things in life that you should never lose -

1. Hope
2. Peace
3. Honesty
Three things in life that are most valuable -
1. Love
2. Family & Friends
3. Kindness
Three things in life that are never certain -
1. Fortune
2. Success
3. Dreams
Three things that make a person -

1. Commitment
2. Sincerity
3. Hard work
Three things that are truly constant -
Father - Son - Holy Spirit
I ask the Lord to bless you, as I pray for you today;
to guide you and protect you, as you go along your way.
God's love is always with you, God's promises are true.
And when you give God all your cares,
you know God will see you through.

Pass this along to People you want God to Bless - I just did!

~~~***My God Reigns***~~~ 



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