Monday, October 24, 2011


Very welcome to this Christian blog which give honours to Him.

I write to share with you another testimony to honour Him again for answering my and others' prayers for saving my mother's life about a week ago.

This time, He has again answered my calls for letting my mother to be discharge from the hospital after her admission for a short span of two days despite her being unconscious from an overnight sleep. Fortunately, my younger brother, who was staying with her in Penang at that time, noticed something amiss after he failed to wake her up numerous attempts. Immediately, he called the ambulance to take her to the hospital. They then discovered that her sugar content level of 1.7 was far too low for a diabetic patient like her. As a result, most of her body turned numb and stiff. Thank God for my brother's awareness at that critical moment.

Thereafter she finds it difficult and hesitates to stay with me or my other siblings in Kuala Lumpur as she does not have friends here. At the same time, her present health situation does not warrant her to stay alone. As such, I have to rely on Him to convince her to change her mind, knowing her firm stand and belief of being independent. Thank God again for turning this nearly impossible thing to a reality with ease. That makes me cry out with joys in my heart. 

My mum had scarified lots for us and I still remembered how she told white lies to make me finish the "Big Pau", meat Bun,  she bought for me with the extra money we both earned from our daily lottery tickets sales during my teenage years. At the very first time I was so glad and finish off the whole "Pau" and accept her word on the surface that she had taken her portion, which was not really the case. I learned my mistake from the first very first time and start to think hard of a way to outsmart her. Finally, I was successful in making up excuses to keep a portion for her. At that time, I began to cultivate a thinking habit and creative manner to leave a certain portion for her. Thank God for putting I in such a wonderful situation to pick up all these good habits and best practices that make me achieved what I am today. I felt very blessed after this MIGHTY and LOVING God revealed to me one by one. 

It took me nearly several decades to find Him exactly as recorded in the Scripture, You seek and you will find. I must admit my life had ups and downs since I was born namely born under weight of only 4.4 Lbs, always sick during my childhood, and etc. Now, Lord has revealed to me that all these had moulded me to be better and stronger. He also made me realise that the more I submit to Him, the more He will lead me and go through the setbacks without much pain. Now, I am so comfortable with Him and even let Him to use me as one of His vessels to spread His Word, which I could not do so, without Him. I believe and am convinced that I'm not doing this alone.  

I really feel that He is the One who has set me free and gives me the wisdom to do what I am doing. The peace, joys and happiness I received are from Him and I feel so secured despite my age is increasing. Yet the strength He has given me is so great that I feel very energised and tireless. I must say He is keeping and maintaining me well and I am very grateful to Him. In short, He has convinced and convicted my heart to submit to Him and let Him lead me. Thank you Lord. I share all these with you because of Him whom made me realised the true meaning of the life He has given to me.

Here, I write to praise Him always and stay focus on Him to complete my walk by faith and not by sight. The sweetness of the fruit I enjoyed all these while is from Him, which is far beyond words. As such I encourage you to join in the walk because I want you to taste its fruit yourself.

Thanks for your time and efforts of reading this testimony.

MY MOTHER IS A woman of courage, a woman of perseverance, a woman of great character, a woman of substance, a woman of humour and above all, a woman of love, the woman who has loved me since my first cry and never expect any return AND reward! 

James Oh

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


B-egin the day with
L-ove in your heart
E-xpect blessings
S-hare goodness
S-hine like the sun
I-nspire someone
N-ever forget..
G-od is with us.



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