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Today, I decided to share with you some of the underlying stories behind my signature, with the intention to furnish an effective practical solution to my life. This struck my mind last night while I was waiting for my former superior, Madam Janet, and her husband, I thought of putting my signature on the back of my name card before I handed to them, as a memorable souvenir for them. See the photo below and share with us what you could see from it before I disclose its real story, and how it was created in the first place.

Please do not scroll down to read its real story, but let your imagination run a while. It is fun and you may have some pleasure from it. So, I appeal to you to share what you see from this signature. Thank you in advance.

Perhaps some of you may use it to assist yourself to solve some of your issues which you do not wish to tell anyone, like me in the past. This secret was kept in my heart for a few decades. Now, I chose to do otherwise for several reasons as mentioned follows:

1. It may serve an idea/inspiration to my new designer, introduced by one of my "Sifus" whom I have introduced to you in my preceding article, for my call card.  The designer may think of a better way to reflect my identity and, character, with the intention that others may use it as a powerful tool to heal their hurts, I did. Some of you may be aware that I reached maturity too early and was very independent at a very young age. I missed most of my childhood life because I started to work on a part-time basis even when I was at my primary school and many times I was hurt in many ways, in my studies, work, health and my social life was near to nothing. However, I was blessed with other talents such as Arts, Chess and Mathematics, that is the reason that made me to be an Artist at one time. I used to cover up my actual feelings occasionally, especially when I nearly could not bear it any longer. In order to escape from these hurts, one thing I did, after my discovery, was to draw a picture to put myself in a situation totally opposite to the real situation I was in. This made me feel really good. As a result, this signature was born to reflect my "DREAMED BEAUTIFUL GARDEN" where I heard birds singing surrounded by beautiful full grown flowers and strong smell of their aroma. (from the beautiful Chinese poem I picked from.) It was so sweet and wonderful that I really felt on top of the world. I live in my own imagined world, which unknowingly build into my habits from a very young age. This imagination power keeps me at peak and I was good at using my visualization to fan my desire and gain extra energy to work toward my goal to overwhelm all my hurts. At times, I just refused to come out from it and ignored the events that happened around me. You may say that I was in a denial stage, which I will never say you are wrong. What I care more is that its impacts is so good and I never hurt anyone for doing so.

2. It may help people to overcome their unbearable hurts and as a useful alternative, especially in time of economic crisis like NOW. This solution may serve as a means to lift you up as its name suggests.

3. I hope others may share their ways on how they overcome their hurts. As I always believe that we can make each other stronger and better through sharing. One thing I noted the more I share with others, I tend to receive more than give out. This may sound illogical to some of you. If it is the case, then please read the link below:-

4. This is the way we used to reward our readers through the articles we blogged. One way to get rid of my fear is to share my secrets out because it is not my way/habit. Secondly, in the past, I always received negative advice and feedback yet I have so many unfulfilled BIG dreams. In order to preserve "harmony" in the environment, I have no choice and chose not to say it out. But that again struck my mind that how could society benefit if everyone kept silent. Then how could we claim ourselves as responsible persons. Similarly, we are indirectly helping the depressed to stay in power. As such, I decided to get rid of all my fears, one by one and steadfast was my firm stand, so as to glorify the Mighty God, who has strengthened me to do all things possible.

Thank you for your time to read this article. Please direct your friends here should you find this article useful to you.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you again,

James Oh

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