Tuesday, September 20, 2011



I, like many others, during the long holidays of Hari Raya and Our National day, took my family back to my hometown in Penang. Some of you especially those who followed my other blogs may be aware that I had a really fruitful trip this time.

On the way from Penang back to Petaling Jaya, I  almost hit the divider of the North South Highway as I fell asleep. When I woke up at that critical moment, what I knew was that my vehicle was heading toward the dividers in between both sides of the highway. At that spark of the moment, my right hand was holding the steering of the vehicle. I was very calm at that moment, I was told to use my left hand to move slightly from the bottom of the steering toward my right side. As a result, the vehicle then swung from the divider and back to the lane it is supposed to be. Thank Lord again for popping up to assist when I am in need, exactly proving the saying, " a friend in need is a friend indeed'.

This is another time He has saved my family. To refresh yourself, you may read some of my old testimonies at the links below:-

As we used to say that God never blinks, He always watches us because He cares and loves us. Like the above instance, He came to rescue and directed me to avoid the accident from happening. Why I am so sure of His assistance? This is because all the above events occurred within a spark of second and I was so calm that He is within me. When need arises, I let Him  used me as His vessel to direct my vehicle from hitting the divider. I know for certain that I could not do it if He did not come to our rescue. As such, I write this testimony to glorify Him knowingly that all titles, glories and honours belong to Him.

The following morning after I returned from Penang, I went to meet up with a few leaders from the African Navigator Group where they share their experience with us. When I share the above incident with them, they told me that my time is not up yet. That message instantly reminded me of my uncompleted tasks which was assigned by Him.

Furthermore during our discussion on that day, we were asked  why we choose to follow Christ. My immediate answer was  out of love to this question because He is the one who loves us first. He had done everything for us; He gives us life, salvation and word; He even redeemed our sins by abiding His father's will to die on the cross. I can't think of anything that makes me not to love and follow Him.

I write to thank Him for everything He has done for me and will definitely let Him use me as one of His vessels to do according to His will, and not my will. I know that I could not repay Him for what He has done for me. To let Him uses me as vessel is nothing when compared to what He has done for me.

So praise and thank Lord should be written into our hearts deeply.

Seeing you again and look forward to hearing from you, 


James Oh

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