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Very happy day to you,

Technology makes life much better, if we use it appropriately. It makes sending Ecard just at a click of your finger. How you usually response if you receive Ecard from someone from far distance? Tell us your immediate reaction. As you know, I always love to hear from you.

My immediate response is to see who send me the greeting/card. Then, I will read its message. I will find its meaning and remember and apply it in my life so that I can understand what it is truly means. Here, you may see how Confucius have a great impact in my life. One of his famous sayings, I see I forget, I read I forget, I do I understand. Thereafter I always put it into practice. To me, it will then add value so that I can truly benefit from it.

Some of you may wonder why I keep on trying all the above. This is because lately I received the above meaningful and lovely Ecard, from one of my social network buddy friends who is from a distant land. I must say that I love this card very much and replied him with a Big thanks. It serves as a healthy reminder to me and it is also part of my habit to constantly take time to reflect. To me, reviewing is an healthy exercise for me to plan forward. If not, how can I learn although some of you may have different ways of learning. Hope you can open up and share with us here by putting forward your feedback on the comments provided below.

Besides thanking him, I also promised him a short reply. After giving it a deep thought, it gives me an idea to write a post. Below I will try to share with you why I do so, that's how I make constructive assessment, how I plan to take it further and what changes I need to make, what strategy I need to use and how to make use of the available resources to optimise my yield. Caution must be taken so that you don't let the past hold you back and let yourself sink in the bitterness. Here, I also love to learn how you make good use of it. Thank you.

As you know, I used to share some of my experienece which may help someone, who like me live in the darkest moments, but was saved from the books I read and the people I associated with. And now, I think it is appropriate for me to the same, as a way to return back those benefits I have been receiving all this while.

One important point I need to stress here is that I find this technique extremely useful and wanted you to see its relevance in our life. I must admit that I benefited from a lot from it and it has helped me achieve what I am today.

-why I say so

Some of you may wonder why I say so. Those who know my background will know that I was living in a life full of scarcity. This environment has helped to mould me to seek better ways and means to improve it further. As such, I view this process of time to reflect extremely important to me and I have been benefiting from it so much. That's the reason I am still occasionally occupied with it until today. As my life goes on, I discovered that I have so many interests and dreams to accomplish. I never wanted to let go of any of them and decided to take it one at a time. One thing I noted that I am very blessed with and always have the energy to sustain and maintain my strong desire to excel in the field I am involved. This is the way that has helped me to be more observant and lead me to discover additional technique from time to time that is required to build the edge I need to make more meaningful things happened in my life. Thank God for making me enjoy the walk of my journey to take up the new challenges.

- that's how I make constructive assessment (Benchmarking)

And I also realized that success is a journey and I need to do an assessment of my achievement constantly. This is to ensure that my monitoring of my progress and ensure that it is on the right track and progress toward my desired end. As far as I am concern, I am more inclined to be achievement base. I tend to compare what I can do now compared to myself previously in all aspects, be it financial, skill, expertise and spiritual resources. I hate to compare myself to others, which I feel is an insult to myself if I were to do so. This healthy comparison save me time and prevents me from indulging into other unhealthy activities.

- how I plan to take it further

From the feedback of my above assessment, I will then plan out my next course of action. This process will continue until I achieved my desired result before I take up my other dream and interest. Please share with me how you cope up with your challenges and I love to learn from you too. From time to time, I will continue to make such an assessment, when I deem fit. At times, I even make some changes, if appropriate when it fits well to that situation. Here, I can say that I have a plan, which allows some flexibility.

- what strategy I need to use

At times, I am not only make some changes, but I also change my existing strategy, when I deemed it appropriate. One crucial point I need to caution you is that no strategy will be obsolete, but the question is whether it applies at the right timing or not. If you don't agree, please do voice out your rationales. A good strategy is when it bears fruit and it is so much better when you apply it at the right time and circumstances. To gauge the right timing, you need the appropriate resources to do so and not based on luck. In this connection, I hope you do know what I mean here. Please forward your question if you have any query.

- how to make full use of the available resources to optimise my yield.

And last, but not least I will then think of accelerating its process to obtain its maximum benefit. From my past experience, I noticed that in order for me to do so, I need to leverage on others. In short, you can see the contrasting differences between a pipe builder and a bucket carrier. In this context, I would like to say I normally use the strength of others to compliment my weakness so as to achieve more for all of us that involved in that process ( mutual benefits). In this aspect, there are four main areas that we can focus into, namely resources in term of time and energy, ideas, contacts, and expertise. No one will have all and never forget that each of us is unique in its own way. You have your talents, skills, expertise where no other people will be exactly the same as you. Every one of us can excel in our own fields according to our original design that we need to know of. Believe me or not - if we pool all our resources, the success rate is definitely very high and can be assured if we don't give up. The more we will get and this is the original design the Creator has created for us in the first place. There is a saying nothing is impossible if we work together.

I share with you, with the intention to deliver my message, TO INSPIRE AND GET INSPIRED, so as to fan up our desire or inner energy for me to accomplish more, so as to lift all of us up. As our commitment to you is to reward you and to make a better life you need to put all these into practice. Never give up and try to condition yourself by continuously staying tuned, even if you have made it. I do encourage you to do so, so as to fan up your inner flame to be a difference maker and continuously have an extra edge to make a better world for everyone to stay.

I do understand that there are so many routes to success. In this connection, I would always love to hear your success story and please email me if you have such an inspiring story. Thank you.

Here, I wanted to let you know that I never regret for putting up several blogs to share what I have learnt from those who sacrificed to save us. As you know, to keep it for myself is definitely not my style and I dare to share it openly, mainly attributed to so many great persons who have some how made significant impacts on my life, which I thank them greatly for. Otherwise, I can't imagine how my life will be ended with.

Again, I must admit that through sharing of all my experiences, it does flame up my inner desire to inspire others so as to inspire myself at the same time. As I recalled, I have been sharing online and offline constantly to highlight those who have scarified to keep us safe not only to reflect my appreciation of them, but also serve as a model for me to do so, in a way that their efforts are not in vain. To show our care, we should also give our support to them in whatsoever way we could by spreading the good works of them. By doing so, we could give some of us inspiration, hope and courage to make ourselves better, stronger, healthier, bigger, softer and stay alive so as to prepare ourselves for a greater challenge in life.

Thanks for your precious time to read this article and hope to seeing you again and again.

James Oh

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