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This morning, I received a revelation from the movie entitled "The Lost of Bladesman" which I watched yesterday after my bible discussion with a group of friends. Kuan Kew is my childhood's hero. I must admit that this man of principle has a great impact on my life despite the fact that I know some people who regarded him as a fool to have died for his guided principle. After I accepted Christ as my Savior, I realized lots of similarity to the warriors of Jesus as recorded in the scripture. All the warriors conquered the fear of death to serve the Mighty God they loved and served.

In this movie, two main contrasting characters, one of Kuan Yew and the other of Cao Cao can be seen. It is still relevant and applicable in today's modern technological era. This story recorded two different approaches taken by both of them to bring peace to the world.

was a smart manipulator and used all his talents for wrong cause to achieve a "huge success" based on worldly standards. He manipulated every one for his advancement and became a powerful Prime Minister, under a weak emperor of his country. He was the only one, who is permitted to carry a sword in the palace. He was exempted from kneeling and bowing (as a respect to their Majesties in the past) his head to the emperor. However he expected the rest of the officials to abide to the rule of law, but he was above the rule - that annoyed Kuan Kew. All the officials, at that time, feared him, except Kuan Yew, due to his cruelty to do anything to those who disobeys him. But the truth is that he had never gained respect from the Chinese community. His legacy collapsed almost immediately upon his death. You can see this truth still happened in today's modern world. This reaffirmation of the fact that history repeats itself.

It is vividly demonstrated that compelling people to do things out of fear, will never last. This have been well recorded in the history books and reaffirmed in the Scriptures as well. Yet even the smartest Alex will always make the same mistake, from the past to the present and even to the future.


on the other hand was a real brave warrior, who fought for brotherhood; loyalty and steadfastness for principles, justice and righteousness. No surprise, that he was well regarded in the Chinese community as a great hero even though he had died in a horrible condition. He was beheaded. However, subsequent to his death, the Chinese community raised him as a saint, who had conquered death and was set free to fight for justice and righteousness. His actions well demonstrated his good cause - "in the name of peace and harmony for his nation" without any hidden agenda.

This movie recorded the hassles he has to go through to exit from Cao Cao's nation and join Liu Pei, a weaker nation which intended to prevent Cao Cao from advancement. He had great foresight and vision that enabled him to see the Cao Cao's nation lack of love. What prove him right is that the mighty nation under Cao Cao did not last long.

His bold action to follow his conscience in serving Liu Pei, rather than Cao Cao, led me to leave behind an excellent legacy that last for more than two thousand years. Till to-date, he is still well respected hero from the people who live two thousand years after him. I believe that such an honour will last over time. This is simply because righteousness always prevails over time. The price he paid for such a honour is a great one too - he died in horrified manner (beheaded); yet people subsequently raised his status as Saint, who chose to fight against the evil force.

Here, I like to draw the analogy between him and Aspotle Paul. Both of them chose to forgo their promising and rewarding career as high ranking officials but press on to pursue for justice and righteousness so to speak - A real and true warrior. Kuan Yew initially served the Prime Minister, Cao Cao. Similarly the Aspotle Paul who was trained by and served the Phraisee before Jesus touched and transformed him and made him overcome his false belief.

When both of them realized their un-reconciled differences with their initial beliefs, they made a U turn, which made them seem like rebellions, a very thin distinction between a hero and a rebel. You can see vividly how irrational for them to do so by foregoing such a promising and rewarding career as high ranking officials at their initial camps. In this connection, please put forward your thought should you come to different conclusion as I did. Thank you in advance for your kind thoughts.

However, there is a difference between both of them. The former seems to have no choice, but continuously fight so as to defend advancement from Cao Cao despite his acknowledgement of the truth that a war will never end the war. Whereas, the latter chose to use Word, against swords or bullets, to bring righteousness to MIGHTY GOD

This movie was selected from a chapter of the THREE KINGDOM


We can select two different definitions of success from the above story. The worldly success of Cao Cao who used unjustifiable means to achieve temporary nature of success while Kuan Yew's success

is of a permanent nature, but may seem as a failure based on worldly standards. However, the latter’s good legacy will prevail and last but not the former.

Trust the above story give us a clear picture of choice we need to opt for.

To your success,

The truth will prevail; no matter how you conceal it.

James Oh
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