Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Be humble and submit to Him,
He does not control you,
but guides you,
so that you won't feel weak and frighten.

Open your heart to Him
let your heart be led by Him,
He knows the reason,
you are worried and lacking in something,
no matter what situation you are in.

He wants you to know He is a mighty and Living God,
Who always care for you,
Because of His promises and Words to our ancestors,
Never ignore or underestimate a faith,
Which can make you mighty and strong,
So long as you abide to Him.

For He is your only hope and rock,
Who can make a turn and stop the evil one for you,
Regardless how things go overwhelmingly wrong,
Because He cares and loves,
Who wants you to live and enjoy all the fruits of faith.

Let Him guide you and
Let your mind be at perfect rest,
Have faith in Him,
That for you, He knows what is best for you,
And He has only the best for you.

For Him, who gives you the life,
Wants you to live in a triumphant victorious way He initially designed for you,
Before you were even born.

Be abide to Him,
He will give you the strength you need,
To conquer every barrier you encounter each of your day.

Be bold and listen to Him,
And not you.
Take up your courage to accept this truth and,
Let your soul be glad and rejoice.

Let God speaks to your heart,
and hear His calming voice.
He wants you to understand,
That there is nothing you should be afraid of.

This is what faith is all about,
Trusting Him that He will never abandon you,
But always be close and near you,
He is always in your heart.

Be faithful,
Live a life that is bold and full of joys,
Let His Spirit's power be in you,
So that you can achieve it effortlessly,
Through His work and not your work.

Glorify Him and not you,
So don't raise any doubt,
and no extra thought.

Because He is behind you,
The one and truly loved.
Accept His blessing with thanks.

James Oh

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