Thursday, May 26, 2011


Very happy day, Everyone.

The news recently that Hollywood's A-list celebrities bid a star-studded farewell to Oprah Winfrey in a double-taping of her talk show that included messages from her fans around the world is worthy of praise and commendation. Have you ever ponder that the lady, without holding any key position, yet command such a high respect from all walk of lives? If you do, then what is her success recipe?

Today, I like to say it was mainly attributable from her servant leadership style. Some of you may wonder why I say so. She has a deep true passion to serve people with unconditional love. She showed love without looking at colour because love is colourless, well recorded in most, if not all true religious teaching.

No surprise to me that she was recently voted as the world the Number 1 most influencial lady. I can feel the love at her show at Chicago's United Center on May 17, 2011 night, which she almost instantly thank them for it. For those who have attended such shows, please step forward to vouch for it. She thanks everyone for being a part of this celebration, which is still gaining momentum even it has been for 25 years. Amazing, right?

One important point to be noted at that function is that 13,000 of her fans, who attended that event gave the talk show host a standing ovation. A respect she truly deserved and earned.

The show was also followed by several meaningful and colourful programmes. Those who already know her well will not dispute that her graceful acts always inspire and touch every heart & soul. She rally can rock the world, she will fight for things she believes in, even if it makes her less popular. Thus, she makes herself distinctly different from other leaders. She had truly build a long lasting legacy which will flourish from time to time.

You can imagine how wonderful and colourful the atmosphere on that night, surrounded by so many great songs such as Mission Impossible, For God, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Isn't She Lovely, to portray well the lady who uses her gifts to uplift so many hearts, through all of the sacrifices she has made, humility she has and through God's amazing grace.

This well illustrate the point that this long proven and established success recipe is not obsolete, but still relevant in the 21st century and in the future which I strongly believe so.

This truly inspired me and I hope you too are inspired by her. Let us together urge all world leaders to prescribe to her recipe of success, Servant Leadership, to make a world a very much better place to stay. So, let us put her excellent leadership on record for us to adopt and apply. Let us work together to make it a reality. This is nothing impossible if we work together towards it.

Thank you for your precious time and look forward to hearing your feedback.

James Oh
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