Saturday, April 23, 2011



One loving couple walking around the park,
they chat happily,
holding hands and waving them as they walk,
they share their thoughts happily from their smiling faces.

One glance you can see vividly that they are in deep love.
The environment at that time was so peaceful that you can only hear their laughing voice,
so loud and sweet,
where both of them cannot hear anything,
as if they are the only ones existing in their small world.
They are so indulge in their conversations that
they can't hear and see anything other than themselves and their voices.
Their relationship is so intimate that even the breeze is jealous.

Out of sudden the breeze decided to attack them,
It blows against them slightly stronger,
yet the couple does not feel anything.
That annoyed the breeze more and decided to increase its magnitude.
Interesting to note that it still don't keep them apart.
Ironically, they decided to stand firmly at their current location.

This is because they begin to feel that moving forward is near impossible.
As they hugged themselves firmly as one.
That really blew the breeze up.
Every time it increase its magnitude,
They response in much stronger proportion than the magnitude of the breeze.

That makes the breeze even annoyed as it fail to set them apart.
When they begin to realize the coolness of the breeze has penetrated into their bodies,
They response to it very positively by hugging each other so tightly as one, so as to keep themselves safe and also not to let the breeze freeze them.

To remain in control over the situation,
They stay focus as one united body.
With one united body, heart and soul,
and their magic hands touch their bodies that sparks the burning flame that
respond naturally, in much greater contrast than the magnitude of the breeze.
With the contrasting result the breeze obtained,
it leaves it no choice, but to give up its hope to fight the losing war.
As a result, the breeze decided to withdraw its attack.

They then realize that they are not frozen as the breeze stop.
They then realize their LOVE is so powerful
that let them conquer the war.

Such an incident makes them recognize the truth that Love
conquer anything and everything.
This is another affirming case of this truth since Day one of mankind's history.
However, it needs to refresh and condition us of this truth.
This is the reason why I blog this short story to this effect.

Hope you not only enjoy reading this inspiring article,
but put it  in practice in your daily lives.
Through practice, it will then sink into our minds and hearts.
Through embracing LOVE mindset, then everything will then turn beautifully.
If we want it to be a reality, then act now.
Change ourselves first, before changing the world.

Love is conqueror of anything and everything.
This truth is never change and stay permanently in the universe.
Through love, everything and anything can be conquered effortlessly.
This is universal truth in the past, present and future.
In short,forever.
So, let Love create a better world for us.
 James Oh

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