Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Here, I write to put it on record on how I was being used by him again to reach out and touch others, so as to let His glory shine through me.

This happened on 23 January 2011, Sunday. I was a day without much sunshine, my wife first thought is to go to the renowned Pavilon Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur to do her last minute shopping for the coming Chinese New Year. She brought my daughter along with her and she bought a few dresses of her liking and taste. Both of them were happier and decided to reward themselves, as a result of having a fruitful day, with some local desserts at the hawker center before returning home.

Upon arrival at home, she went to her room to store her dresses. She was in tears upon realizing that she didn't bring back her dresses even though she has checked other bags. I sensed something  amiss and I got to know the actual outcome upon investigation. I then proceeded to calm her down and persuaded her to try harder to recall where she left her dresses. She then locked herself in the room and did so. 

After a while, she came out from her room and approached me for a favour. She gentlely requested me to take her back to the mall as she managed to recall where she left her dresses. We then embarked on our journey to the mall hoping to get back her stuff. In the car, I then asked her not to be so sad if she couldn't get back her stuff, as I viewed that we have a small chance to recover back those stuff. As last, I make a point clearly to her that I can only bring her there but the rest I have to leave to the Lord. I then asked her to pray to the one above because He is the only one who can assist her to get back her dresses, which she obeyed. 

Upon arrival at the hawker center, my wife began to approach some of the staff there and they told her to check with the information centre, which my wife disagreed and insisted to try that for the last attempt. She saw a cleaning staff clearing the table, where both my wife and daughter had their dessert much earlier. To their amazement, they found the stuff from the plastic bag that was handled to them by that particular staff. We immediate thanked him.

On the way back home, I then asked my daughter to thank God for His blessing. Again, I also thank Him for making use of me to touch my daughter again. You may click at the link below:-

to view my previous experience.

I will continue to pray to Him, like the beginning of the year, to make use of me as His vessel to reach and touch others, when I shared my testimony with about 30 people at the Navigator's office at Mayang Jaya , January 16 2011. As such, I am very glad that many of you have prayed for me ,that make Him answer our prayers again. 

Thank you and God bless you,
James Oh


Prophetess Cassandra said...

Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy..... I have the similar experience at Mid Vally Mega Mall at Bangsar just couple of years back. My husband and I were dining at the Food court at the Cinema level, and I leave my swimming suit in my large red bag at the seat. By the time, I recall about my bag we are on another level. We were trying to find the beg by going back to precious stores which we have visited but just could not find it. Then, my husband stop me from going round the mall and we both sit down and start to pray and seek the Lord and He finally guide us to the cleaner at the Food Court and we found our beg at their Lost and Found section.
Praise the Lord, I truly thanks God for the wisdom and patient.....

Do feel free to drop by my Eagle blog whenever you have time.

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