Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi Everyone,
This 195 year-old building is none other than St. George's Church, in Farquhar Street, Penang. It is also the oldest Anglican Church in South-East Asia, built in 1816.
Some of you may recall my preceding article on this church, which was under renovation at that time. Just click at the title of this article to bring you there, if you choose to do so.
As promised much earlier, I shall update you of the progress. In this connection, I am pleased to inform you that the church had weathered all storms, still stand proudly there to serve its visitors. Last Sunday, Feb 27 saw its first service at the reopening of the Church to its congregation, another milestone of its long history after 10 good months' rest for the restoration project of RM 1.8 million under the National Heritage Department's Ninth Malaysia Plan allocation which began in April last year. This blessing came in as the result of the church being declared as one of the country's 50 National Heritage treasures in 2007.

With this, it not only offers comforts to its congregation during their services and other church functions, but now, its night view will be equally bright and grand as the colonial style State's Council Administration Office, not a far distance from its location,  when the church is lighted up from 7:30 pm to 10 pm every night. This exercise not only restores its former glory, but also restores the estate's glory as well. The spirit of cooperation should make all Malaysians proud, as their efforts have paid off within a short span of time. Well done and thanks to all parties that were involved.

This remarkable building also taught me important lessons. First it serves as a reminder to take time to equip myself with knowledge and skills.  I should do it, so long as I can last and stay relevant to serve, regardless of my age, exactly like nearly two centuries old, yet relevant and useful. This vision become clearer to me as I aged, in line with the slogan we are built to last. This is another case of "refirement" and not retirement besides Toyo 99 years Japanese Author, which you may read from the link below.

Thanks for your precious time to read this inspiring article from my perspective. Please do share with me regardless whether you see the way I see or not. Your feedback is valuable to me so as I can improve further in order for me to serve you better.

Seeing you again.

James Oh

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It not only works 24 hours a day,
7 days a week,
Has Unlimited coverage,
Wider than any phone service provider,
No technical maintenance is required,

Yet the most affordable one, if you choose to have
No language barrier, even body language accepted
As long as it is from your heart,
Whether you voice out from your mouth or Keep it in your heart is not important,
What is important is your sincerity and it is from the bottom of your heart,

It will not run out of fashion,
From Adam's to present age,
Humans are still using it, without any upgraded version.
It will remain unchanged even in the future.
It will work if you believe in it.

Ask and He shall answer,
That's His word.
He is the sovereign who keeps every of His promise,
In the past to present and even to the future,
So practice it daily,
And you will agree with me one day.

Or you may agree to it already.
Please step forward to vouch for it,
Don't be shy, but be proud of it,
Let the light shines everywhere,

And let Him do it through you effortlessly
Be patient and let patience complete the task,
That makes you complete and holy,
Without lacking anything
And peace with you always.

Acknowledge prayer and let it be part of your life.
So that you live meaningfully and lively,
Let us pray together,
That He always communicate with us through prayers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am sure that you too feel nothing is going right in your life,
everything around you is falling apart.

Don't be afraid,
Look up for Him
You will surely find Him.

Look into His eyes and you will see
His love and feel Him wrapping his arms around you
Keeping you warm and safe

Remember always,
Look up to Him
You will surely see Him trying to reach you to ease your pain,

If you believe in Him
You will feel His grace and
He will always be by your side

24 hours a day,
7 days a week,
Helping you whenever you need Him.

James Oh

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Thursday, February 17, 2011



He is the Greatest man in history.
He had no servants. Yet we called Him Master.
He had no degree. Yet they called Him Great Teacher.
He had no medicines. Yet they called Him Healer.
He had no army. Yet kings feared Him.
He won no military battles. Yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime. Yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb. Yet He Lives Today!

‎Look at your health and if you have it, praise God, and value it.
Health is the most crucial blessing that money can not buy.
Health makes all things possible.
Wealth makes all things work.
Joy makes all things beautiful.
May you have all the three, from the one above.


James Oh

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Here, I write to put it on record on how I was being used by him again to reach out and touch others, so as to let His glory shine through me.

This happened on 23 January 2011, Sunday. I was a day without much sunshine, my wife first thought is to go to the renowned Pavilon Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur to do her last minute shopping for the coming Chinese New Year. She brought my daughter along with her and she bought a few dresses of her liking and taste. Both of them were happier and decided to reward themselves, as a result of having a fruitful day, with some local desserts at the hawker center before returning home.

Upon arrival at home, she went to her room to store her dresses. She was in tears upon realizing that she didn't bring back her dresses even though she has checked other bags. I sensed something  amiss and I got to know the actual outcome upon investigation. I then proceeded to calm her down and persuaded her to try harder to recall where she left her dresses. She then locked herself in the room and did so. 

After a while, she came out from her room and approached me for a favour. She gentlely requested me to take her back to the mall as she managed to recall where she left her dresses. We then embarked on our journey to the mall hoping to get back her stuff. In the car, I then asked her not to be so sad if she couldn't get back her stuff, as I viewed that we have a small chance to recover back those stuff. As last, I make a point clearly to her that I can only bring her there but the rest I have to leave to the Lord. I then asked her to pray to the one above because He is the only one who can assist her to get back her dresses, which she obeyed. 

Upon arrival at the hawker center, my wife began to approach some of the staff there and they told her to check with the information centre, which my wife disagreed and insisted to try that for the last attempt. She saw a cleaning staff clearing the table, where both my wife and daughter had their dessert much earlier. To their amazement, they found the stuff from the plastic bag that was handled to them by that particular staff. We immediate thanked him.

On the way back home, I then asked my daughter to thank God for His blessing. Again, I also thank Him for making use of me to touch my daughter again. You may click at the link below:- 
to view my previous experience.

I will continue to pray to Him, like the beginning of the year, to make use of me as His vessel to reach and touch others, when I shared my testimony with about 30 people at the Navigator's office at Mayang Jaya , January 16 2011. As such, I am very glad that many of you have prayed for me ,that make Him answer our prayers again. 

Thank you and God bless you,
James Oh



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