Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Happy day, Everyone.

I write to share with you another miracle that happened to me in the beginning of the year.

At the end of last year, the meter assembly of my car suddenly went off. As a result, I was driving the car without fuel and speedometer indications for more than a month. That incident turned out to be another miracle/blessing.

One morning on the way to my client's office, I realized the meter of my car went off suddenly without any prior warning. The first thought that struck my mind was that it was a wiring issue, I sent it to the nearest accessory shop in the hope that they can get it fixed. After spending nearly an hour of checking through the wiring, they appeared to have fix the issue. However, the issue came back in the following day.

Consequently, I have no other alternative, but to send it to the other accessory shop, which installed the mobile stabilizer, hopefully they may fix the issue. After they have thoroughly scrutinized and tested with the appropriate appliances, they could not fix the issue. The issue persisted despite I sending it for the second time. I was told that the meter was faulty.

Of course I am not satisfied with its finding and decided to send back my car to the first accessory shop for the second opinion. This time, they suggested that the mobile stabilizer be removed, which I agreed to. However, the issue persisted despite all the above actions have been done.

Finally, I decided to send it to the authorized service dealer to do the final checking of the wiring. They found nothing wrong with the wiring and reaffirmed  the faulty meter assembly and suggested that I replaced it. I found the new part too costly (more than two thousands) and my car is already 8 years old.

Therefore, I decided to source for used part, which costs less than 30 percent of its new part price, the idea which was proposed by the first accessory shop.

I called up numerous used parts dealers and were told that they need time to source for it. I  patiently waited and God's grace again ease my unnecessary worries. I continued praying for His guidance and protection while driving this car. I was clueless,  in the sense that I did not know its speed and fuel indication, even when it is in running mode. My effort did not end in vain. John :  Pray and you shall be answered

My patience and continuous focus on Him eventually beared fruit. I must admit that that I did not feel any uneasiness throughout this period. I know from my heart that He is guiding me and His grace is comforting me. Praise the Lord.

Day in and day out, I persistently  prayed to Him for a miracle to happen again. Until one evening, there was a heavy down pour and as usual, certain areas were flooded. The journey from my client's office to my home was a crawl  and my car was like bumper to bumper inching forward slowly throughout certain parts of the journey. At the time of need, another miracle happened and the faulty meter, as the mechanics verified, function back to normal again. I immediately thank Him again from my heart, believing that He is the One who makes it again, as  Praise the Lord. Since then, the meter functioned as usual again till the time of writing.

Thereafter one evening, while sending my three kids to their English tuition center as usual, my daughter noticed and asked me where did I repair it. My answer to her is God is the one who fix it. She stared at me and told me not to be kidding. After my explanation, she eventually believe in it. I am deeply glad that God again used me as one of His vessels to touch my kids. 

Thank God for this wonderful experience and His blessing.

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