Thursday, June 3, 2010


Dear loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Peace and grace to you.

Thank God that I dare to come forward, through His grace, to share this miracle with you, with the hope that it will touch some of your hearts, the same way as it touched my immediate family members.

It all began, one evening after I came back from work, I rushed my family members to dine at Subang Jaya without any prior advance notice. Without much delay, my kids went into my car, followed by my wife. After a certain distance of travel from my house, my wife began to realise that the wired tag from her new pair of shoes have not been removed although they had been paid for. As usual, she began to nag about it. I tried to keep her silent, followed by my second son, who offered her his scissor which he found in his school bag. She tried but to no avail. My eldest son then proposed that I show him the super power from the mighty God, whom I accepted not long ago, to resolve the existing issue. My spontaneous response to him is that God does not need to interfere in the issue directly, but occasionally make use of everything to get things done on His behalf. Immediately after my explanation, I then noted the illumination of low fuel indicator light suggesting that I need to go to the nearest petrol kiosk.

I then proceed to the nearest petrol station at Jalan 223. While I was filling my car with petrol, my wife went to the cashier for help. Surprisingly, she returned back with a smiley face, indicating her issue had been resolved. She then revealed the whole incident to us in the car. She told us that when she approached the cashier for help, she replied in Bahasa Malaysia "Where to find a plier in the cashier counter". With hesitation, she pulled out the bottom drawer and unbelievingly saw a plier there. She told my wife that she was surprised to find the plier and offered it to my wife.

I told them that this is no coincidence, but rather a miracle. To me, coincidence is an insult and undermines God's power. This is nothing new to me as there are abundant evidences recorded in the scriptures. Since then, they began to consult scripture occasionally. Thank God for answering many prayers, whom I know lots of my sisters and brothers in Christ have been praying for me since  I accepted Christ.

Praise the Lord. Thanks for your precious time and hope to see you again for other testimonies. Please put forward your testimonies here.

Peace and Grace to you always,Publish Post

James Oh

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