Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The danger of detailed indwelling of His words may cause element of pride to creep into our life so easily without our knowledge. The danger is so rampant and may cause the Big picture of His fundamental principles to become blur and evaporate from our hearts, so to speak.

From the surface, everyone maybe talking differently. But they are actually talking about the same issue with different perspectives, according to their individual level of understanding. As none of us is perfect except Christ, this indicates well that He is holding the wild card and none can be independent from Him. As such we need to seek Him and cling to Him closely so as to walk with Him without any distraction. Look at the example of King David, who had clung to Him so closely yet he committed a couple of serious sins.

It is crystal clear of our sinful nature, the tendency of such sinful act is extremely high. This has been well substantiated in the Scripture pre and post Christ. For instance, Peter had even denounced Him three times after He was prosecuted, the one who had spent time with Him during his (Peter) life time. Don’t mention about us, who has no such privilege.

Wouldn’t you agree on how He constantly reminds and cautions us about the human's sin, which normally operates against God's characteristics that are full of abundant love and slow in anger. He wants us to trust God and ask God to intervene, so that we can walk in accordance with His will, and not our will. Through alignment to His perspective that we are able to walk by faith, and not by sight.

Our greatest enemy is our own selves, which is invisible inside us. Inwards rather outwards. Which is always misunderstood by us as if it is derived from external forces or circumstances, rather than ourselves. As such, this had been addressed by Matthew in 16:24 - self denial before we take up the cross. As we usually act or pretend to be good with God. Alternatively, we make our own god which is fully controlled by us, and not the other way round. No surprise to me that so many gods were created by humans in the past (Read the book of Romans) till to date.

Denial of oneself is the very 1st step in taking up the cross, deny yourselves and your thoughts. In endeavoring to attain the real knowledge from God, we must be very careful in using our wisdom to interpret the Scriptures according to the way we believe rather than the common understanding of the crowd that is pleasing to our ears.

Deny, in like manner, your own power. Cherish the deep conviction that it is those who are weak; those who are nothing that God can use. No wonder that God always use the weak to perform the miracles, contradictory to common understanding of strong person who has so called talents in a particular field as we normally understand. By believing so, it may undermine God's power. Continuous denial of your own power is the way to draw the power and grace from God. His grace will make anyone lacks nothing no matter what condition he is in. Despite his physical body may cry out in pain. However, the inner man inside him will stay dominant and help overwhelm his pain. As such, he can cry out rejoice, the way so many saints have experienced. It well illustrates the norm and the power of God's grace. That is very crucial to have these two perspectives from our eyes.

That's why trusting in Him wholeheartedly is crucial so as to let him take the lead always. Hasn't He demonstrated to us that He can overcome all temptations because He obeys His Father, who is inside Him.

He shall grant us “Special Goggles” so that we can see the invisible. So that we are able to see how He dwells with us clearly. He wants us to pray for that particular person and keep on trusting Him to do the miracles if it is His will.

Blessed because you can see all these things.

Blessing is not equal to our human understanding of comfort.

Blessing is something to put our soul to good rest, peace of mind. Once you have tasted the sweetness, you will never want to let go.

Even gentiles also aware of the wisdom that the greatest enemy is their own as the saying that no one can stop you - rain or shine, but yourself.

As such, we need to clean and clear those impurities with the assistance from the Holy Spirit, which is the whole plan why God planted this spirit in human hearts in the first place. It also affirmed why we always long for Him.

At last but not least, we pray that this article is able to assist you to see this big picture clearly by now. We pray in Jesus' wonderful name. Amen.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18


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