Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

He knows this equation is only illogical to our minds,
but is also contrary to the way we normally think;
Wouldn't we agree that He does what He preaches;
Despite He is our Sovereign King
He operates by Grace and not solely by law

Tell us what is not given by Him
Name me one if you can
Ask yourself who creates the universe
And imagine what if all the planets disobey His commands
What will happen to us

Even though we are created small
He is inside us and will always being blessed us with a brain and soul
Which can be as Mighty as Him
If we submitted to Him wholeheartedly
This is not something new to us
Scripture well substantiate this truth

See how He shapes the earth according to His will
And not our will
He does not even has to touch us
But our action destroyed ourselves
This point in case is well proven in Scripture

So, do not be foolish
Just submit yourself to Him
So that you can receive precious gifts from Him
Which can make you move the mountain
So long as you obey His will
and not your will

So give your old self and receive new self from Him
Which is far greater than your old self
That why we say Giving is Receiving.
You must get it right
Because it is the Truth.

Giving is receiving

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James Oh
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