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Hi! Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is my pleasure to see you again. Thank you for all the support that you have shown. Your desire to be rewarded more is clearly noted.

As such, I am more than happy to share with you the following message. I strongly believe that the Lord wants to use me in a bigger way. He reveals to me that national progress is in the hands of Entrepreneurs as they are the pillars to the nation's progress. They are not only the goods and services providers to the people, but they are also the people who shape, drive the economy so as to achieve sustainable economic growth by creating more employment opportunities for the people. As it is not feasible for the government to fund and manage every industry, therefore the government needs to work hand in hand with these entrepreneurs to develop both small and large scale industries to accelerate the economic growth.  I also need to make this clear to you that Entrepreneurship is not everyone's cup of tea. He reveals to me that I have certain qualities to be a successful entrepreneur, because I allowed Him to fulfill me and I believe in Him. I am fully aware that this is not my work, but His. He also reveals to me that when He opens the door, no one can shut it. Similarly, when He closes the door, no one can open it. That urges me to declare, lately, officially broadcasted on my blog to the whole world at large that I am a Technopreneur.

He reveals to me, through His Word, the qualities required to make a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur, that required His servant to join hand with me to serve Him instead of just taking a back seat. We, Christians ought to shine, because He is inside us.


Creativity means the ability of bringing something new into existence in the public perspective. It can be anything and everything. The beauty of this is that there is no limit or boundary to it. Freedom need to be given so as to give the thinker a chance to create new items, which can be anything and everything. As such to be a successful entrepreneur, he needs to be creative. This point has been well proven in mankind's history, which needs no further elaboration. That is why God's creation is unique and distinct from others even if they are twins. That's why He has given us a powerful brain.


Innovation is another important pillar supporting entrepreneurship regardless of the field the individual  is involved in. An innovative entrepreneur creates a resource.  Because of his overwhelming passion, he can overcome any obstacle that comes along. His innovative ways will enable him to circumvent all obstacles which an ordinary person would not be able to do. That is why entrepreneurs always hold themselves responsible for their own future. As a result, they are able to sustain and maintain themselves throughout the journey without feeling the unbearable pain, very different from the ordinary person. They enjoy their enterprise no matter how tough it is and they do not need to be pushed by others. It comes naturally and they respond to it in a very positive manner, without regrets. It is, at times very difficult to describe in words unless you really go through such an experience. Sweet and rewarding for those who have made it. From the bible, it well demonstrates this point in case. No further elaboration is required.


An entrepreneur needs to be dynamic, so to speak, because of its nature of work the entrepreneur is involved in.  A dynamic entrepreneur is a problems solver and always seeks for challenges that make their lives more exciting and rewarding as well. He always seek solutions to the problems/difficulties so as to make thing better in term of its features, function and etc..In short, to make the world a better place to live in. They love challenges as they know that challenges will make them progress. Therefore, you can see that they need to have interest and passion in that enterprise and not necessary focus solely on generating more money for themselves alone.  A dynamic entrepreneur always seeks better ways of doing things in a more effective and efficient manner. They rely on the tested and proven formula that makes everyone involved be in a win-win situation. They consistently evolved through time, just like the way you start peddling your bicycle. We need to learn from nature, which is there to guide and lead us, and not through our work. This is because none of us can add value to it according to the Scripture.

Quality Leadership:

Leadership forms one of the most important ingredients because he needs to gain respect from others so as to lead the way in an effective manner. Time will tell his true quality of leadership. In fact, you can see his leadership when you walk into his office. His leadership will be reflected in his daily life and action, in how he manages the affairs, no matter how he conceals it.  Good entrepreneur is also a good student, who has a desire to upgrade himself in any area so long as it can make him progress further and further, so as to stay ahead in the field he is in. He enjoys healthy competition because this is the way which can drive him to progress further. He is a no nonsense person who always constantly give his best shot and never give excuses. His quality of leadership will be clearly reflected throughout every aspect of task handling, problem solving and confronting issues in daily life. He is truly efficient and effective. An enterprise with excellent leadership is always prominent and highly demanded in the market worldwide. People such as Moses, King David, King Solomon etc and JESUS CHRIST.. well illustrate the quality of servant leadership required.

Team Builder in nature:

An entrepreneur recognised and acknowledged the fact that he cannot act alone, he needs to build team to sustain the growth of his enterprise.  As such, an entrepreneur forms group of individuals with common purpose to drive them to stay focus on their BIG goals and not the problem.  They build network and continue to support each member with dedication, commitment, energy and innovation. Again,this well illustrate No one can achieve success by himself alone.

Firm and Decisive:

These qualities make them distinct from the rest. Usually they are far sighted, have clear defined mission and vision. They are able to stand against all odds. An entrepreneur makes firm decisions because they know what they are doing, they foresee the challenges in advance, therefore they are able to take the right wave of the uncertainty that ordinary people would otherwise missed. That is the great difference and always makes them look forward, which normal people may view as high risk. They are versatile people and they know how to manoeuvre so as to climb higher. Even if there is a fall, in ordinary person's view, they viewed it as a temporary set back and they are able to capture this adversity to make themselves better than their initial position.  An entrepreneur starts with a completely new activity and he may either succeed or fail. Here, an entrepreneur usually takes a calculated risk of the above factors mentioned above.


Similar to any other type of adventure, an entrepreneur is usually a person with high commitment, has strong dedication and will power. They want to play the winning game that requires patience, they endure whatsoever obstacles that come along their journey. And they know that the resistance is there to shape them to build their inner muscles to overcome much bigger obstacles as they move to higher levels of success. Their desire will not lack fuel because they draw these energies from various invisible sources, given from the above.

Communication Ability:

Good entrepreneur is also an excellent communicator who can convey his message precisely and accurately so that his team members know what he really means and work hand in hand to support him to move to the next level of success. They have "authority" that comes with strong persuasive power to align his teams to flow with him in the same direction. They need to do it in a very transparent manner that requires high integrity to earn the trust and confidence from their team members. Their team members will not only listen to them but will respond accordingly with full confidence. This is they listen to their inner voice and not their own voice.

IN this connection, you may contact me should you really want to commit yourself to join us to chart your own path of success. You may either furnish me your contact, via comment. Alternatively, you may drop me an email at

Thank you for your precious time and looking forward to hearing from you,

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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