Monday, April 5, 2010


I write to give my testimony of some miracles my family and I have gone through not long after I accepted Christ as my Savior. This incident happened a couple of years ago. At that time, I was already convinced and committed to Him wholeheartedly.

It all began with our trip to dine at one popular restaurants at Telok Gong, near West Port, which is also one of the popular weekend dining areas among KL folks. On the way back to our home, after our meal, I somehow detoured to Klang Puteri residential housing estate to investigate further on that newly launched housing estate. 

As a result, we arrived home relatively quite late from our norm. Everyone was tired and went up to our bed rooms instead of our normal practice of going to the rest room just opposite my dry kitchen. After being home for a while, my eldest son felt thirsty and was about to go to the dry kitchen to obtain some water. Just before he entered the kitchen, he cried out "snake" and ran away from it.

Immediately, I rushed down from up-stairs and instructed everyone to stay away from the kitchen. I did so for two main reasons. First, I do not want to provoke the snake. Secondly, I do not have knowledge or experience to handle it. It struck my mind to contact Fire Station immediately for help, while preventing everyone from entering the kitchen, at the same time keeping on an eye on its movement. 

After some hassles of contacting the right fire station, the rescue team finally came in to remove this unwelcome guest from my house. Thank God for His protection as no one got hurt despite waiting for the arrival of the rescue team for nearly an hour. Surprisingly, it hid itself in the kitchen. This is really a surprisingly good lesson for us. Immediately we extended our greatest gratitude and appreciation to the team and our Lord. From then on, I told myself to remove the word "coincident" from my vocabulary because it appears to me as an insult to my Lord, who has full control in earth and heaven. 

Please allow me to ponder over a few questions here. Why did I detour on my way back to that particular residential area after all we have been there numerous times. What would have happened if we came back much earlier and follow our normal practice which is very likely the case? Why I was so cool despite having about 4 feet length cobra in my house? I couldn't imagine if it were to move out from my kitchen. What could have happen to our lives if they have not found and removed the cobra from my house that night. I was shocked to find out that it could have easily attack my eldest son, who had confronted it at far shorter than the safe distance. The more I ponder, I felt more gratitude towards Him.

Thereafter, I found real peace in His Mighty hand. I gave the above testimony in my hope to glorify Him, so that He can continue to use me as one of His vessels. 

See you again and I shall share with you more testimonies on how He touched our immediate family members’ lives before they accepted Him as their Savior. So, praise the Lord.  

James Oh

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