Thursday, September 17, 2009

The three common things in the Book of Philippians

Very happy day to all Beloved Soldiers, Workers, Brothers and Sisters,

Below please find the 3 most common understanding from the book of Philippians which my discussion group have arrived.

1. Rejoice in the Lord always.Phil 4:10-13

Paul had learned the secret of contentment. The word "learned" implied it is a process. Real contentment hinge on what is happening inside us but not surrounding us. As long as our contentment can be destroyed by a change in our environment, we can never be content in any circumstance. Peace and joy can never be experienced.

To paraphrase above verses,

"I can endure any circumstance without losing my peace and my joy because of the strength I gain through my relationship with Christ" - Quote from Charles F Stanley

2. Advance the Gospel in partnership with Christ and with one another .Phil 1:4-6

Key words mentioned: team spirit, speak Gospel with boldness, total dependence on Christ, like minded, help or exhort young believers mature in Christ, seize opportunity to share Gospel, encourage one another, where is our Timothy to have succession plan, pray for one another.

3. In Christ

Key words mentioned: Christ is a partner, righteouness from the faith in Christ,God's perspective, follow attitude of Christ, God at work in us personally & intimately, seek & serve Him, heavenly perspective, faith & focus in Christ.

Let us pray together that we practice like the 1st century believers in the Book Of Philippians.

Thanks for your time and feel free to give feedback, comments or any suggestion to the above three things mentioned above so as to enrich our knowledge.

Let us function as a body in Christ.

In His wonderful name,

James Oh

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