Friday, August 14, 2009


Dear brothers and sisters,

If you can recall exactly what Adam and Eve's story from the outset and how Satan deceived Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,  then you shall agree we should walk according to His Word.  As such, you should be careful and precise with the word you use, in order to understand the commands from Him.

In today competitive world, concepts and words are loosely used or without fully understanding of each word or its true meaning. Therefore, it is very easily to be manipulated by the persons in higher social status in term of ranking, richness or position. You should cultivate a good habit of constantly consulting dictionary or master or elder or Scriptures so as to grasp the key principles/ true meaning of each word. In that sense, you will not be negligent on your part.

Therefore, by now we should not repeat the same mistake made by Eve.

May I remind you further the phrase used by Satan when he deceived Eve. Satan said, " you won't die! God knows that eating that fruit will make you like him; that's why he doesn't want you to eat it."

If both of them are diligent and listen the phrase with due care, they will not sin. Due care should be exercised so that you are not misled by anyone. Stay focus on Him and listen to Him carefully and diligently so as not to be confused with the voice from your flesh and His voice.

I pray that His grace will guide you at all times,

God bless,

James Oh

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