Thursday, July 9, 2009

Treasure Every moment of your life

Dear loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Treasure every moment you have!
Do tell all those that you love.
Treasure it even more and share.
Especially with a heartfelt love.

Love all those very special people.
Ones you trust with your life.
Time truly waits for no one.
So tell them, don't waste time.

Yesterday has passed, it's history.
There you can exact no change.
Just learn from your mistakes.
Our actions we can rearrange.

Tomorrow is a mystery.
Let's plan for the surprise.
Get your life in order.
Look life straight in the eye.

Today is a gift.
Appreciate each breath you take.
Make the most of daily life.
Enjoy your slice of today's cake.

Life is definitely a present!
Thank your Creator above.
Take each day and fill it up.
Greet life with unconditional love.

Wishing You a Wonderful Day!

James Oh


nativa said...

I enjoy inspirational messages. Keep it comming!!!

James Oh said...

Thanks for dropping and I am glad to hear that you enjoy reading this inspirational post.

God bless,



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