Monday, July 27, 2009


Dear brothers and sisters,

I have just completed the book of Philippians with my bible study group. Since it is still fresh in my memory, I like to take this opportunity to share with you what God has revealed to me through this great book.

This book has recorded Apostle Paul's life, born in a very prominent family; well trained by Pharisee; a prosecutor of the church; and was to righteousness under the law, before our Lord touched him.

It is due to God blessings that he submitted to the Lord and let Lord transform him to uphold Christ, totally different from his initial belief (false). As a result, he ended up in the prison and lost everything including his well rewarding and promising career as the prosecutor against Churches. However, this turn out to be his blessings in his defense and confirmation of the gospel.

What has happened to Apostle Paul has actually helped to spread the gospel. Through the God's grace, he  lacked nothing despite the fact he had lost everything. Truthfully God has been maintaining and moulding him so that he achieved his destiny.

It illustrate to us, how God set him free and conquered death. Praise the Lord.

Paul had shown us the way to imitated Christ's humility and to do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than himself.

In Philippians 3.1 to 6 he showed us how he broke through from his past strong hold - and made a clear distinction between Law and Grace. Remember that the Law is through Mosses and Grace is through Christ. Christ is much greater than Mosses, so does grace.

Grace is only possible after the individual has acknowledged his sin and truly repent. Thereafter, he will receive the real revelation. And of course it does not apply through the law as the law can not make anyone perfect.

Despite being well grounded with Scripture knowledge, he still press on to his destiny; forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead. In other word, we should stay focus on Christ and do not let our bondage to hold us back.

In Philippians 3:17 Brothers and sisters are called to imitating him and observe those who live according to the example he had given..

Trust the above will inspire you, the same way it has inspired me.

Thanks for your time and have a blessed day everyday,

James Oh


G Lucciano said...

Very inspiring brother!!

James Oh said...

Praise the Lord, G Lucciano



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