Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matthew 5:8

Dear Bros and sis.,

Below is His word, which I received from one of my contacts, and I believe it is of value to you.

"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." Mt 5:8

IT is faith that purifies the heart; it brings home the atonement, and we enjoy pardon, peace, and reconciliation; it purges the conscience from dead works, and delivers us from all condemnation.

It receives the truth of God, and Jesus through the truth; and we receive power to become the sons of God. We realize our relationship to God, read the gracious promises God has made, and anticipate the glorious kingdom He has prepared; hope rules in the heart, and every one that has this hope in Him purifies himself, even as Christ is pure.

His conscience is made tender, his intentions are honest, and his heart is sound in God's statutes. He groans under a body of sin and death, proclaims eternal war with the flesh, and loathes himself on account of filthiness in the spirit. He would give a world to be free from sin, for holiness is the element of his soul. He is blessed. He shall see God, and enjoy Him as his Father, Portion, and everlasting all. He shall be with his God; and be like Him, in purity, happiness, and glory.

Jesus, the crowning grace impart;
Bless me With purity of heart,
That now beholding Thee,
I soon may view Thy open face,
On all thy glorious beauties gaze,
And God for ever see!

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A daily devotional reading from THE BELIEVER'S DAILY REMEMBRANCER (also known as THE PASTOR'S MORNING VISIT) by Rev James Smith.

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Grace and peace to you,

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