Friday, May 1, 2009


Dear sis and bros,

My recent post, some of my recommended book, at my other blog, which you may access to it by a click at the title of the post.

You may aware that the Bible is the best seller book for centuries. But have you ever ponder what is the true meaning of the word Bible?

God is great and He has revealed to me of its meaning, as follows,:-

B y abiding in His Word,
I t
B rings you
L ife of
E ternity

God do understand that we human beings, by our capability can not accomplish it. As a result, He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the Cross, so that we might be saved. By believing in Him, that person has already fulfilled the law through His grace.

Therefore, this invaluable book should be treated as our life time treasure. It is relevant and applicable in today world. It never changed over time because it speaks The Truth.

The question now is how can we understand it effectively ? How to make this book lively? Appreciate if you could share some of your experience.

From my experience, always pray before reading it - by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then the word become alive - one revelation will lead to another revelation till my heart is convicted and convinced.

Grace and peace to you,

James Oh

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