Friday, May 15, 2009

Amazingly beautiful Painting III

Dear my loving readers,

It is too beautiful not share with you. See the pictures below as how God's grace work to each and everyone of the artists below.

The picture below is from an original painted with the mouth by Trevor C Wells.

The picture is from an original painted with the mouth by Susana Beatriz Gomez.

Below is another picture is from an original painted with the mouth by Wloodzimierz Kmiecik.

To see more of such pictures, please click at the title of the post.

Trust you find the above inspiring and enriching..

Thanks for your time and efforts to read this post.

God bless and have a lovely weekend,



Serena said...

These are beautiful paintings, James. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Btw, I appreciated your comment on my post today re. our emotional guidance system. I have decided to do another post on the topic over the coming days so I can go into more explanation. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful. Thanks ~

James Oh said...

You are always welcome. Likewise, I had mentioned that it is too beautiful not to be shared.

I am glad you too enjoy these beautiful paintings.

God bless,

yoon see said...

Yeah, very serene and inspiring.
Love the colours and details here.

James Oh said...

Sis Yoon See,
Thanks for your sweet comment. I am glad you enjoy the beauty of these paintings.

Blessings with you,

Tina said...

the first one is my fave. it looks so real

James Oh said...


I am glad you too loves these pictures and trust you have also viewed the first two parts of the pictures.

Will post more of these pictures in my fotcoming posts.

judith ellis said...

There is such beauty here, James. thank you.

James Oh said...


deeply delighted to hear that you too love these pictures.

God bless,



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