Thursday, March 19, 2009


Dear brothers and sisters,

Technology has evolved and made the world smaller. Everything is possible by clicking a few buttons. Easy, fast, effective and efficient - that is the new trends for every business transactions and dealings, so to speak.

As a result of this new development, INTERNET has become the most powerful device today to communicate with the rests of the world. It is very easy and fast to communicate with anyone without much barriers so long as the other can access to it.

Therefore, we, at this blog, urge you not to be afraid of it especially those are not well verse of it. Practice, practice and practice - you are assured of mastering the skill. Nothing will be worse than fear, itself. People fear because of uncertainty of its results or consequences.

One of the common ways to communicate your views, opinions, thoughts, ideas and etc through blogs. Blogs are used to express individual views, experiences, and knowledge on certain topics under discussion.

A string of comments will normally follow the blog topic until it is withdrawn and put into an archive or destroyed. It is therefore can be a good reference or the way to impart individual knowledge for betterment of the world.

Normally, when using blogs, the participant keys in the message and once done, it would be uploaded into the blog spot. The ideas, expressions are almost spontaneous and do not go through the mind of the blogger. In this way, it is reflect an honest and will not be tainted with any bias, favour or fabrication.

The process takes place either instantly or would only be uploaded after the message has been censored and edited.

Which is the best mode for blog messages, free or censored? Many of you might say free. I too prefer the same.

However, there are some arguments that it may be abused of the freedom allowed in the blog message. Similarly it can be true that the irresponsible and inconsiderate checker or censors may also abused the authority entrusted to that person, which I trust everyone is clear and do not need any further illustration.

We, at this blog, do understand that either way never solve this fundamental issue, well proven in the history books. What is more pertinent issue is to have a clean heart and whatever you do always do it with sincere and conscious mind, heart and soul. What goes around will come around.

Let us pray hard and our hearts and souls be guided by the mighty and living God, who knows everything , more than ourselves.

See you online again. Please leave your comments or feedback should you have any. Thank you in advance,

With love,
James Oh

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