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Dear brothers and ssiters,

We, at this blog, are always seeking the truth and we believe that you seek you will find it. That's the word from the above and not from us. Though the blog is meant to lift you up. Here, we like to share with you that the "you" as the blog means it is referring to us as well. You may ask how can it happened. Thank to The above, from the above who has revealed to us that what we wrote here is from Him, hence you is refer to anyone and everyone on earth, including ourselves.

Nothing is impossible to the above. That's why you see miracle - is not suspension of natural law, but subject to higher law (Divine Law).

Today, we write to let us know the good news that the Truth will set you free completely, from all illnesses, fears, doubts, everything and anything on earth. You will attain this only through His Word, which give life, resurrection, anything and everything. That's why our Heavenly Father wants us to ground His word in our hearts and souls. Once it is properly rooted in the soul with His word, it will grow until it attain exactly like His only and begotten Son. His Son has shown us through the entire process - He has finished the work. To save the world and not condemn the world. (Read John 3:16) From here, we will be able to see the impossible and realize that the Heavenly Father want the best for whoever believe Him, through His Son. The Heavenly Father wants the best for all who believe in Him. He never use force, but give you free will to choose. He also knows that whoever see this, have aligned his heart and soul to His perspective and truly understand Him completely. Then the individual will submit to Him voluntarily and completely trust Him.

Now you can see that He wants you to live your life to its fullest - no complain in everything and anything. Never doubt He is in control every second. What we need to do is to stay focus on Him and Him to guide you accordingly. Pray to Him and listen to His voice and response to it accordingly. Do not let the event surrounding you influence you, stay focus on Him.

He is in control all the times and we must ensure that our soul stay connect to Him, just like the vine and the branch, the branch will continue to draw the nutrient from the vine. Similarly, we also need to draw His grace so that we can grow and stay alive forever and ever. He knows everything and anything and He is in everywhere. He wanted to guide us until His word really grow in our heart and soul to its fullest, exactly like He did to His Son.

Whoever believe His Son, will be accepted by Him as His son. Similarly He also will give you the best, nothing but the best which will truly set you completely free. So that you will not fear anything and even fear itself exactly written in Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ, who strengthen me.

He will show you everything and you are fully convince and convicted that you are assured of what you hope for. What fear will you have, which is worse than death. Look at all saints who have completed the race, never even afraid of death because His word says whoever believe in Him will have eternal life.

In this connection, may I share with you a good news. The good news is that God loved the world so much that he gave His one and only Son. Anyone who believes in Him will not die but will have eternal life.(John 3:16)

Here, it well illustrate that you don't need to do anything like your carnal mind told you, but just believe in Him because He has done everything for us. That's why He cried out " Finished" and He has completed the mission His Father has given to Him. He has done everything to save you and I because we, human beings, cannot do good by our own selves. Therefore, it is not appropriate for us to help ourselves.

That's the Heavenly Father has the integral plan, from Mosses to Christ. The whole episode to complete His master plan. One man (Adam) sin, the world sin. Similarly One man (Christ) save, the world being save. We must always get the equation right.
Similarly, the law through Mosses is temporary or act as Tutor and Grace through Christ complete the whole of the Heavenly Father's plan. We must align to His understanding. You can only be saved by Grace and not Law. That's why He say the Law will not perfect you, otherwise Christ died on Cross in vain.

It is so simple and to be fruitful you must trust Him wholeheartedly with my body, mind and soul. It is simple yet true. It may appear too good to be true, yet it is the truth. He knows everything and anything because He is a mighty and living God, who creates the earth and heaven far earlier than we were born. He can even number our hairs, which we ourselves do not know even though it is being part of us.

The above well illustrate how much He loves us so much and want the best and not the second best for us. He is sovereign, and wanted to give the best to us exactly what He has given to His Son, Jesus Christ. Similarly, He want you to inherit everything, like His Son. He treat you equally important like His Son and want you to inherit all and everything He has.

By now, you are able to see all these crystal clear His intention for the good of yourself. Therefore, let Him continue to guide us and we will press on to attain the goal He laid for us.

His word, which is forever true and will not change over time.

We, at this blog, will continually write what we receive from Him - the Truth because the Truth will bring glory to Him and believe that everything is from Him. That is appropriate that everything shall go back to Him.

More importantly is that we, at this blog wish every visitor will receive the best, which is from the above.

See you online again,

With love,

James Oh

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AA: Satanic Cult said...

Dear James OH,

Have you tried fishing? Not your common or gardening angling, but “reel fishing”! Not with worms or artificial flies, but with “real meat”, like the 12
or the BIG BOOK.
We used to do it every summer…well! It was your summer and our winter. You’ve probably gathered that I live in Australia.

We’d hire this boat, quite a big one it was, Ethel and the kids, Bill 44 and Bob…he’d be 37 by now. We’d do a picnic basket – lovely it was, our 5th STEP, sobriety dates, drinking stories, a couple of bottles of lemonade and the 12 x 12.And off we’d sail over the reef. The sun would beat down, often the sea would be as calmer than the 12th STEP and we’d just drift.

We’d put our lines over then and just wait – play AA TAPES, talk "crap," and ring our SPONSORS. Wonderful it was!

Mind you, Ethel, didn’t care for the bait, it was the smell you see and the sight of HOW IT WORKS cluttering up the deck. “Micky”, she’d say! “The AA PROGRAM is putting me off my dinner”!

Well, it didn’t bother me or the kids, it wasn’t like that, the, OXFORD GROUP had delivered it quite fresh but Ethel used to say that CHAPTER 5 “sneered” at her and made noises, offensive noises, when the gases escaped from its crap.

The kids loved that “Mum”! They’d say when it did it – “RARELY HAVE WE SEEN A ZOMBIE FAIL WHO HAS THOROUGHLY FOLLOWED OUR PATH”!Well she didn’t like that, not Ethel, strict SATANIST,she was, thought it was very disrespectful. She would go into one of her sulks and it would last for “bloody hours”.Mind you, she did get a bit more excited when BILL shared his story.

Well she had to with BILL "frothing at the mouth" and banging his fist against the side of the boat. And then there would be more....BOB got into the act, tearing chunks out of the 12 STEPS, "spitting everywhere," snapping at BILL.

But I don’t think she really approved, not Ethel. She said it was senseless 13th STEPPING. Well I suppose it was if you look at it that way! But there are lots of 12 STEP PROGRAMS aren’t, there, Jimmy?

It went wrong when BIll did the 9th STEP! Huge it was, more like the 5th STEP, really. Again and again he raved on like a "psychopath," but he wouldn’t shut up. Clever “bugger”! He had learned you see.

Well I was determined that I was going to do a personal INVENTORY. I threw the BIG BOOK, all the picnic stuff in the water.

BILL went mad; I’d never seen him so upset. He tore the rod out of its restraints and hurled it in the water. I didn’t stop to think, that’s always been my problem, “being sober”BILL followed the rod!

Well! He was gone in “two bites” and I didn’t catch the PROGRAM. It seemed to know; it sort of “grinned” at me and then just made off. BOB wasn’t too pleased either…he’d missed his "higher power!"



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