Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The truth will prevail

Every explanation or statement is never absolute right or absolute wrong. Therefore it is always subject to argument. The truth will never be surfaced and it is usually be subject to interpretation of the individual.

Whoever is wise and fear of God, will interpret accordingly based on his individual honest belief, without being tainted or influenced or suppressed by any other authority higher than him.

Hence, whether you say or don’t does not make any difference. It is because your statement, gesture, tone or behavior will suggest or reflect your true answer. For instance, if you provide an answer, the answer will raise more questions if the circumstances evidence or events may suggest otherwise. The answer may not be consistent or tally or reconcile or make sense to the event or hearers.

Under such situation, the speaker is either fooling the listeners/audiences or alternatively he is fooling himself. Of course, the speaker may not agree with it, but he can’t lie to himself or God.

The great or wise man will definitely able to see the invisible. Let us pray hard and let God to reveal it to us. Have faith in Him and walk by faith, but not by sight. His grace and blessings will fulfill us with peace, joy, happiness and all blessings. Mighty God will know everything no matter what you say or don't say. Let us be wise and fearful to God.

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