Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Leadership 2

In our previous article we have dealt with some basic concept of leadership.

You will agree that it is always begin with individual. To have broad leadership, you need to build from deep character. Infrastructure of great character is need to craft and support great conduct. It is well supported by the old saying that action speaks louder. Never fool yourself by assuming that your followers are blinds or fools. I can assured that if you do that, it won't last long and the truth will surface at the end of the day.

Therefore it is true to say that the trust and involvement of your followers will be parallel to the level of your own character.Your character will reflect your thoughts, beliefs and integrity of your true self. No matter what you say or you don't say, people will be able to know the true picture of yourself.

As such, it is true as advocated by Booker T. Washington "Character is power."Whether you like it or not:- power come with responsibility and power is not cheap.Exercise your power with due care.

To show you are responsible for your people, you must be clear where to draw a line between what you can do and what you cannot do.

Happy reading and enriching yourself. Wish you a great success and see you online again.

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