Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogger's note

Welcome to htpp://Christianwalk.blogspot.com – toward destiny.

We, at Christianwalk, started this blog with the intention to provide a platform for Christians to exchange their ideas, understanding and experiences. By doing this, we belive that it will inspire, motivate and assist each others to walk along this journey.

In this sense, we may not only strengthening our walk, but also assisting others along our walk and lending support to each other to reach our pre-set destination. We also encourage the readers to use this platform to fellowship with each other on line by sharing our experience and their testimonies, at the same time to sharpening our view and understandings on faith.

We, distinguish ourselves from the other blog. Christian walk Blog features a class of its own is shaping our life so as to live and feed our faith upon promises, delighting in God’s boundless love for us, remembering our end, which will be so different from that of this world.

We do appreciate every comment and feedback and view it seriously and adequately so as we are able to continually improve this blog. Also feel free to contact us if you have any interesting/aspiring events or materials that you would like to share with us. We look forward to receiving your input.

Once again on behalf of everyone at Christian walk blog, welcome you to this blog. Please remember to leave your comment after your visit to this blog - Enriching life.

Cheers! happy reading and enriching,


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